Anushka Kimmerly was awarded a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of Queensland and has recently completed her Masters of Public Health at Flinders University. Anushka Kimmerly has worked across regional and remote communities in WA and QLD. Aunshka is an experienced Paediatric and Lymphodema Physiotherapist.

Anushka has had several years experience working with children and lymphoedema clients across a number of healthcare environments including private practice, public and private hospitals and community health centres which has provided her with an extensive knowledge and skill base and broad understanding for possible presentations and management strategies within these areas. She has also delivered effective programs and achieved sustainable outcomes within rural and remote Aboriginal communities which reflects her culturally safe and appropriate practice. Anushka has a passion for achieving functional outcomes which are meaningful to the client/family and enable them to maximise their potential within their environment. She looks forward to bringing her valuable experience to the Sunshine Coast.

Work days – Wednesday