Clinical Pilates is an emerging specialisation within Physiotherapy. A Clinical Pilates instructor, utilises the Pilates equipment and Pilates exercises to help people with all manner of injuries, illnesses or disabilities. Clinical Pilates specialists have learnt to take the range of exercises developed in traditional pilates and focus on the specific exercises that would suit an individual clients needs.

The theory of clinical pilates is that through a range of exercises we can train “core spinal control”, relying on variable spring loaded resistance equipment and carefully controlled movement patterns to enhance postural stability and or flexibility. To execute the exercises properly a stable, controlled pelvic and shoulder girdle is crucial with the load being used to both facilitate and /or challenge both deep and global stability musculature. Then because of the high degree of repetition of these consciously controlled movement patterns, your body gradually changes from conscious control to subconscious as the complexity of the movement challenges are increased.

The science behind Clinical Pilates sounds complex, but once you have learned to control your movements on the pilates equipment you start to discover a new you and from that point on your posture, control, strength and movement patterns begin to change.